CV Joint Systems

The CV Joint System expert

GKN Driveline is the world’s leading supplier of CV Joint Systems.

GKN Driveline pioneered the use of the modern CV Joint System on the Mini in the 1950s and has built a market-leading position. CV Joint System innovation after innovation has come from GKN Driveline's tech centres, helping to improve the performance of our customers' vehicles. GKN Driveline is the only Tier One supplier with the complete portfolio of CV Joint System technologies, the expertise to partner on global platform strategies and the global presence to deliver. 

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Why GKN Driveline

GKN Driveline is the original innovator in CV Joint Systems technology. GKN’s industrialisation of the CV Joint made the original Mini’s breakthrough in front-wheel drive design possible.

GKN Driveline's evolving technology has since driven more than 9 billion vehicles around the world. Always the first-to-market with CV Joint System innovations that improve weight, performance, refinement, packaging and CO2 ratings, GKN Driveline is committed to advancing driveline system design. 

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Driveline pioneer

GKN Driveline’s comprehensive range of CV Joint technologies is the broadest in the industry. 

Families of core technologies cover every possible performance requirement and cost target with systems that are smaller, lighter weight and more efficient.  From innovation that exceeds expectations for packaging, weight and CO2 emissions, to technologies that deliver on cost and quality: GKN Driveline is the only CV Joint System supplier with solutions to meet all vehicle architectures.

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Comprehensive portfolio

GKN Driveline’s global presence puts resources close to customers, wherever in the world they operate. 

GKN Driveline production facilities provide local sourcing and optimum logistics with global quality standards. GKN Driveline’s engineering teams ensure world-class technical support is always on hand, backed by an international network of experts in every aspect of driveline hardware, software, testing, vehicle integration and tuning. 

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Global presence

Successful CV Joint System development is a partnership. 

GKN Driveline’s system integration expertise enables the company to solve technical challenges in a programme to help take performance, weight, packaging and refinement to the next level. From advanced CV Joint Systems for premium vehicles to best-cost solutions for emerging markets, working with GKN Driveline ensures the driveline helps differentiate the vehicle. 


CV Joint solutions

GKN Driveline offers the most comprehensive range of CV Joint Systems, providing tailored solutions for all types of passenger vehicles.

We understand the impact of selecting the right CV Joint system for our customers’ vehicles across front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and electrified vehicle architectures, developing and refining solutions which exceed performance targets, transmitting power to the road in the most effective and efficient way. 

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