Twinster all-wheel drive system explained

Twinster technology explained

Personal mobility should be fun. There are many ways to make journeys more enjoyable, but the way the car drives is the most fundamental. GKN’s Twinster torque vectoring technology focuses on this to help automakers make driving more rewarding.

True torque vectoring

Torque vectoring provides intelligent control of the vehicle dynamics by sending precise amounts of torque to individual wheels. By over-speeding the outside wheel in a corner, torque vectoring can induce a yaw-moment, helping steer the vehicle. 

Conventional torque vectoring systems use a complex set of planetary gears either side of the differential to achieve only very low levels of over-speeding. Other systems use braking to achieve a similar effect, but waste energy and slow the vehicle in the process.

Intelligent solution

GKN’s Twinster system makes the driveline intelligent. It uses just two clutches to distribute torque between the front and rear axle and between the two rear wheels.

Ford Focus RS Twinster

Twinster is the simplest, most capable solution. It can enhance a vehicle’s off-road capabilities and make its on-road performance more stable and dynamic.

Twinster also makes all-wheel drive more fuel-efficient. The clutches on the rear drive unit not only transfer torque; they also disconnect it. Open the coupling and the wheel is no longer connected to the driveline. It works brilliantly with GKN’s other AWD disconnect technologies to balance performance and efficiency.

Conventional torque vectoring systems work in parallel with a standard differential. Disconnecting them from the driveline means adding a separate device that multiplies the complexity and costs.

Systems integration

GKN is the only supplier able to develop and produce complete all-wheel drive systems with torque vectoring in-house. The company’s global engineering team provide local support, using their vehicle integration, hardware and software expertise to accelerate the time-to-market and help brands deliver the best possible driving experience for their customers.

First introduced and proven on the Range Rover Evoque, the Twinster’s role in the Ford Focus RS continues to drive demand for torque vectoring. GKN is now also working on Twinster applications for vehicles with eDrive and rear-wheel drive.