UK Gender Pay Report

At GKN Driveline, diversity and inclusion is about embracing the human attributes that make us unique. 

An inclusive environment where these differences are valued, and where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our company values and objectives, helps pave the way to delivering continued success.

Data for GKN Driveline, which employs more than 250 people, as required by UK legislation, is shown below.

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Pay difference between men and women for all 849 GKN Driveline employees in the UK based on data as at 5 April 2017

Mean gender pay gap across all GKN Driveline employees in the UK
Median gender pay gap across all GKN Driveline employees in the UK
UK’s national gender pay gap (Office of National Statistics 2016)

Based on the Government’s methodology, the GKN Driveline aggregated UK data shows a median gender pay gap of 3.8%, which means men are paid more than women. Unlike equal pay, which refers to paying a man and a woman the same amount for the same, or similar work, a pay gap is the difference in average/median pay between men and women in an organisation.

The evaluation of our data indicates that the difference in median pay is due to proportionally more men being in operational roles that attract shift premiums.

We have a variety of mechanisms to promote consistency in reward between men and women on the same job grade or doing the same work. These include fixed union negotiated spot rates in our manufacturing sites and a structured approach to job sizing and pay determination in other areas of the business.

GKN Driveline Birmingham Ltd

Employs 849 people, of which 4% are women.

Pay differences between men and women




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